Frank Royal - King King, Los Angeles, CA - September 18, 2014

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by j4s0n |

First time doing my thing out of town! Thanks Frankie, The Do Lab, King King for having me. Had no idea what to expect but I think it turned out pretty good. Still working out my layering skills and MIDI controller map. It's almost there. Still a little too much computer face and not enough rocking out. The new cart/stand setup worked out well but I ended up standing the whole time. Good thing I didn't go all night like I have been. Had to peer thru an opening in a curtain to see my output from the side of the stage, meh. The  short throw projector came thru like a champ tho!! I had it sitting on a little table next to the DJ and covered the wall behind the stage very nicely. Crispy and pretty bright. Of course I didn't take any pictures or video again. duh. I did see a few cameras floating around tho, hopefully I can get some links. I swapped Maschine for the much cheaper and smaller Korg nanoKontrol. Put it and the iPad on a laptop stand above the audio and video interfaces, next to the G55. Here is the cart setup in my lab:

: 10.02.2014 08:40 AM.

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