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11.08.2015 07:09 [Last Modded 10.07.2016 07:32]

My square sub-ohm vape ate the usb cable the wrong way and the micro-usb charging port is now broken.

I went about a day and a half with vuse crap e-cigs from 7-11. Fuck that...


I tore the whole thing apart, and ditched the battery and case:


...and turned it into this:


What's inside?


I used a dremel to cut a groove around the base of the tank mount chopped the bottom sides off so it fit in the case and lays flat. 

The edges of the hole I cut in the case fit right into the groove and hold the end in place. There's some gorilla glue in the bottom corner too.

I also made a heat-sink with folded aluminum foil and tape between the hot end and batteries.


The board from the old vape is still good. It has the status LEDs and all circuits to actually run the vape.

I just removed the busted micro-usb port and fire switch.

The charging board from one of the battery packs is under that connected to both batteries, in parallel.


Green and white 18awg wires go to the hot end.

The blue wires go to the new fire switch.


It works great, battery lasts for days, it has a wrist strap.

fixin' stuff that wasn't broken since 1981... geekasaurusrex dinosaur
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