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10.16.2017 16:49 [Last Modded 10.18.2017 16:54]

What is it?

A TouchOSC layout and a purr-data patch, with a 4 voice 128 step sequencer, faders, X/Y pads, and 6 octave keyboard for VCV Rack virtual modular software.

 (Updated 10-18-2017)

What do you need to use it?

  1. VCV Rack 0.4.0 or newer 
  2. A device running TouchOSC and the TouchOSC Editor running on your PC
  3. purr-data, or pd-extended if you're nasty
  4. rtpMIDI, loopMIDI
  5. My TouchOSC Layout and pd patch
  6. Skillz...

How do you make it work?

  1. Install all the software linked above.
  2. Sync my TouchOSC layout to your device using the TouchOSC Editor application.
    • In TouchOSC settings enable OSC and set the host and ports to what makes sense for your computer, and enable CoreMIDI Network Session 1 Output.
    • I'm not using TouchOSC Bridge, rtpMIDI is handling the Core MIDI Network Session from the iPad. OSX users can probably get around this by splitting that single incoming MIDI stream to 2 separate virtual MIDI ports. One for the faders and one for the keyboard. Once VCV can handle using the same MIDI device on multiple MIDI-CV modules this won't be an issue.
    • **NOTE** I had changed the incoming OSC port on my iPad to 7001 from the default of 9000. The updated pd patch above should have the default port numbers for a clean install of TouchOSC.
  3. run loopMIDI and configure like this:
  4. run rtpMIDI and configure like this:
  5. Open my patch in purr-data, and configure MIDI outputs, and TouchOSC device IP Address (edit to the IP and port of your IPad) / osc port like this:

    ^Find this box and edit to the IP and Incoming OSC port of your iPad. This may not be the default port of TouchOSC. Save, close, and restart purr-data if you edit the patch.
  6. Create a patch in VCV Rack with the following rules:
    • a MIDI-CV interface for each row of the sequencer. Choose different loopMIDI ports for each one. (loopMIDI ports 1-4)
    • another MIDI-CV interface module for the synth voice to be controlled by the keyboard. (loopMIDI port 5)
    • a MIDI CC-CV interafce module to accept the faders (CC 1-16, be aware that CC 1 is the same as MOD Wheel). (rtpMIDI port)
    • like this:
  7. Have fun!
    • Don't change the BPM while running the sequencer or you will get that nasty thing that happened at the end
    • Hit me up on FB with questions...




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