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07.09.2011 13:37 [Last Modded 10.07.2016 07:16]

Blipnome 5000 is... Bliptronic 5000 Bliptronic 5000 from converted into a fully working Monome clone using an Arduino board.

The Bliptronic has 64 buttons, 64 leds, and 4 analog potentiometers to use in the Monome. I removed the play button because it was part of the circuit board that had the old knobs on it, but I may add it back in later.

I used the information and code found at Stray Technologies, where you can purchase a kit with everything you need to do the conversion. But, since I already had an Arduino Duemilanove lying around, I just did it myself.

Dremel work on the Bliptronic case The Arduino Duemilanove doesn't fit inside the Bliptronic case without some modifications though... I made it fit (Dremmel is your friend). I might still buy a kit though.

As far as the cables needed, I just used what was lying around. The colorful cable was an IDE cable (hard drive cable); it is used to connect the top circuit board (w/all the LEDs) to the Arduino board. The white ribbon cable was recycled from an old Rockband Guitar controller and connects the pots/knobs.

Testing the knobs
Testing the pots.
Modifications complete-Blipnome 5000 insides
Everything tested and ready to go.
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