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09.11.2011 11:14 [Last Modded 04.28.2014 19:39]

Digital Hardcore was the first electronic music I really got into in like '97. Before that all I knew was punk, ska, rock, and hip hop. Distoted breakbeats, heavy bass, fast guitars, and screaming people. Oh yeah, and anime samples. How can you go wrong? I would blast this stuff in my headphones any chance I had.

Then I found other stuff like happy hardcore, hard house, jungle, speed garage, etc... jungle and drum&bass really stuck with me and of course now dubstep has taken over, but I always had a place for Atari Teenage Riot.. Never thought I'd get to see them for FREE, and IN LAS VEGAS! AND get to talk to Alec Empire. Holy Shit d00d! Good times.


Here is a video!

and here's a cheezy pic...

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