File Collector for Resolume Avenue 4

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by j4s0n |

I asked Myong how hard it would be to just scan this XML file and copy what its looking for into a new folder.

About 25 minutes later, including a smoke break, here we have it...

ResolumeClipCollector.zip (4.15 kb)


When you open the comp. again just point it at the one folder and it'l fix the broken links. I had media all over the place and I had to re-install windows on a new SSD. Let the computer do all the work. ;)

: 04.28.2014 07:26 PM.

Myong's Lab - Heating Plate Dock for Magnetic Stirrer

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by j4s0n |

I made this for Myong today... Click for the video!

 Heating plate stirrer


The stirrer is pretty cool but, it still doesn't dissolve certain things. That's where heat comes in handy. I could have just bought her the stirrer with heat built in but I didn't know then, and it was quite a bit more $$. This was made from a broken coffee maker, $12 in parts from RadioShack, and several hours of my time. With love. No harm was done to the stirrer either. It fits right into the cutouts I made in the front and back of the box almost perfectly. 

The wiring is super simple. Hot from power cord goes thru switch, thru heating element, to neutral. That's it. This is a fancy switch that has red LED when off and green LED when on, built right in. All the metal (except screws and a bracket under the heat plate) is aluminum and therefore not magnetic, so it doesn't mess with the mixer's magnetic field. It gets really F'n HOT! and fast too. Problem Solved.

: 05.07.2013 04:08 PM.

Blipnome 5000

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by j4s0n |
: 05.07.2013 04:11 PM.

NESuino: NES Controller Interface

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by j4s0n |

So this is quite a complicated mess of hardware and software to accomplish quite a simple goal, but... I guess thats just how I roll ;) No, really though, it's just the only way that it would work exactly how I wanted it. Keystrokes, not joystick control.

I found Direct Pad Pro but its old discontinued software and you have to solder diodes and blah blah blah.
There are also simple premade USB adapters that can be purchased online, but again, thats joystick control.
AACKeys would have been perfect if it worked right, but I could not make that happen, so...


Here it is. Not much to look at maybe if I had more than one Arduino, I would put this in a project box or something. Yes that is a Yellow and silver NES controller. I like to customize my stuff. ;)

Click here for the rest.


: 05.07.2013 04:15 PM.

Launchpad PureData Step Sequencer

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by j4s0n |

This is an older project, I made a video and someone asked for the patches today so... here it is

8 page x 64 step MIDI sequencer, built with PureData with an "mlr" like mode. It can be driven by internal timing, or a looping midi clip to match Live's tempo. Made to work with the Impulse drum machine in Ableton Live, but could be adapted for whatever...

Here is the Pd patch if you wanna try it out..

LP_seq_stepper.pd (16.90 kb)

: 11.21.2012 12:59 AM.
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